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100% Waterproof leather boots

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Can I easily maintain and clean my ZOO Adventure outdoor boots? Yes! Enjoy your activities while wearing your boots and care for them with ZOO Adventure Hydra Cream. For a full explanation on how to care for and clean your boots read here.

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Are you unhappy with your purchase? Or perhaps you need more information on how to care for your boots to prevent damage or deteriortion ? Please read our advice with regards to the care and prevention of damage or deterioration. Do you have any questions? Please call us, or send an email to info@zooadventure.co.uk and we will contact you personally.

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Do you wear zoo adventure boots while enjoying your hobby or passion? How was your experience? Do you want to learn about other peoples' experiences? Read our guestbook and the experiences of others. Are you excited by our outdoor boots? Write a personal note in our Guestbook! If you love wearing your ZOO Adventure outdoor boots, then please look at the ZOO Award photo gallery and upload your own photo.


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Join in and win prizes! On our Newsletter and Blog you will find competitions and special promotions. For you and your four-legged friend there is our Photo of the month. And quarterly there is a “Share your Adventure”, for photos along with a story that you think deserves our attention. Win prizes such as magazines, vouchers or even a new pair of boots.

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Peek into the world of other outdoor activity lovers? Look at our photo gallery. Do you love hiking, traveling dog shows, equine- and any other outdoor events? Look at our photo gallery. Share your adventure. Upload all your favourite photos to the albums and win prizes. Are your ZOO Adventure boots featured in your photo? If so then also upload the photo in the ZOO Award album!

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Looking for information about shows and events? Interested about new developements in our range? Want to participate in competitions? Like to know about our retail partners? View our Blog, look for Shoe Care advice, read competition results, ZOO Celebrity stories, articles and news about shops that carry ZOO Adventure. Write about your hobby, passion or club? Send your story to mypicture@zooadventure.co.uk