I have an abiding memory of my time at university. Well, I have more than one as you can imagine but the one I am referring to here is one evening when I was out and about in London and I came across some police who were detaining a suspect.


The gentleman was standing with his back to the wall with two policemen talking to him, one on either side. In front of him was their police dog. An Alsatian in the most magnificent condition, glossy fur, athletic and muscular. Also striking was the dog’s total focus on the suspect, its whole demeanour said “if you try and run away I will find you and I will bite you”. Not surprisingly the suspect was as motionless as the dog.


Now, I ask you, if you were confronted by this year’s doggy show winner, how frightened would you be? Luckily for law enforcement, policemen these days are armed with more than truncheons (pretty useless if you can run faster than them) so as long as they get the Taser on you before you get too far away the fact that the dog can’t move wont’ be a problem.


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