I have been reading Dog World’s May 13 headline article about a group of vets petitioning on the subject of brachycephalic breeds, in particular those bred to extremes requiring surgery to reduce distress and provide a decent quality of life for the animal. The follow on page for the article sits next to another piece regarding a fashion store that sold dogs like clothing items with similar size and description to garments.

I live in a village (albeit with the nearby city of Milton Keynes expanding ever closer) and our dog owners enjoy taking their charges (or depending on their training the charges are taking them in some cases) over the fields and footpaths around us. I really don’t understand how any animal lover could covet a pet as a decoration and support unscrupulous breeders working outside the show world producing compromised pets.

Dogs in particular are great companions, but surely that companionship extends beyond sitting in a breathless heap in some fancy handbag or carry case. You could argue that at Zoo Adventure we are more gung ho on outdoor pursuits than most (equipped as we are with stylish waterproof and warm leather boots) but still, if you want decorative pet that sits around a lot, get a cat.