ZOO Adventure, footwear that shakes off whatever nature throws at it!

The most comfortable leather outdoor boots!

You love the environment, your dog or your horse, but when enjoying the outdoors with them, surely you deserve to do so in some style and comfort? As a true nature lover who braves the great outdoors in any weather, you will appreciate venturing out with pampered feet. Take the comfort with you! ZOO Adventure keeps it simple, practical and also extremely comfortable.. 

ZOO Adventure’s outdoor boots are easy to pull on so it is no time before you are enjoying that breath of fresh air. The rubber soles, innersoles and shape of the foot will enable you to walk for hours on end. Your feet will stay warm and dry: comfort offered to you by ZOO Adventure boots. The leather is easy to clean, so you can continue to enjoy the style factor afterwards without fuss.

ZOO Adventure - The collection that keeps up with fashion

The ZOO Adventure collection is developed on the basis of functional footwear that is focused on comfort. We have also considered styling and colour choices for those who like to stand out in a crowd.  

The Zoo adventure fit caters for all the different shapes of outdoor people. Whatever the size and shape of your lower leg, there’s a stylish Zoo Adventure boot that will fit you like a glove. There are specific models that do exceptionally well in the equestrian segment and other models take the lead in the dog segment. It’s entirely up to you, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s needs.  

The collection will always stay true to its roots, comfort and fit with style. We regularly introduce new colour schemes and new models. Moreover, we will continue with our developments, partly thanks to your enthusiasm and feedback. Do our products make you happy? Tell us about your ZOO Adventures!

Where can you buy ZOO Adventure boots?

You can order ZOO Adventure boots from the web shop and try them on in the comfort of your own home, there are no shipping costs. If you’d rather try them on in a shop, you can visit one of our carefully selected retailers. Look on the website under “Stores” to find a store near you. You can also visit an event to get a feel and try them on, view our Event calendar to see where and when you can experience the ZOO Adventure fit.. 

How did the ZOO Adventure collection come about 

The ZOO Adventure story started with the arrival of Bram, in 1977. To learn more go to Since 1977.