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General information

To work properly the ZOO Adventure web shop uses cookies.

What are cookies? 

  • Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer during a visit to a website. ZOO Adventure cookies are safe for your laptop, PC, tablet and phone.

What are the benefits of cookies?

  • Cookies are required for the site to operate properly.
  • They are also designed to secure the visitors' user name and language preference, so you do not have to fill in the requested information on each new visit.
  • Stay logged in and allow uninterupted shopping.
  • You can read and write product reviews.
  • You can share products via Social Media.
  • The possibility for ZOO Adventure to customise your user experience.

Why does ZOO Adventure use cookies? 

  • ZOO Adventure uses cookies especially to offer you a better user experience.
  • In order that you will not receive the same information repeatedly or duplicate requests for your data.
  • To improve the user experience and ensure optimal operation of the website.

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  • Cookies can be turned off in your browser settings, or deleted. Instructions for this can be found under "Help" in most browsers. Note: If you turn off cookies, most websites will not work to their maximum potential.