Zoo Adventure Boots – designed with flair, crafted with care 

ZOO Adventure boots are made with the care that such a quality product deserves. Keep reading to learn more about how our passion for comfort and design is brought to life by the artisans in our factory. 

After designing the sole and the shoe last, we create detailed drawings and then we choose the best materials to achieve the balance of fashion and fit that marks Zoo Adventure boots.

If you want to know more about our design process, please read our article “Since 1977” which explains how the Zoo Adventure story began.


Making the patterns

The patterns are created in the factory from our designs. This is done by expert draughtsmen on large drawing tables. In the preliminary stages we create the pattern elements, correctly position the sewing holes and divide the pattern sections among the skins before actually cutting the pattern with large and heavy equipment. This applies to the upper materials, the lining and also the interfacing. The edges of the leather of the cut patterns can be thinned or “skived” as desired.


The individual pieces of leather are sorted and go to the sewing department where they are sewn together by machine and by hand. The upper leather is sewn to the lining and then all the remaining pieces are joined together to create a complete upper section. A special thread is used to stitch ZOO Adventure boots: Italian waterproof thread.  

Preparing lasting

Then we need to trim the edges, and the upper section is almost complete. The shoe last comes into action and is dressed with an assembly sole under the foot. The sewn pieces of leather are pulled onto the shoe last, with the ends of the skin reaching the assembly sole. 


The shoe last is embraced by a machine that extends two cushion-like arms holding the boot. After a firm embrace, the shoe last comes out of the machine and a true transformation has taken place, there is shape, a boot is born! 

Preparing the upper section

However, it’s not quite a finished boot yet, the upper section is still an ugly duckling that needs to grow into a beautiful swan. The upper section containing the shoe last is gently skived so it can be joined to the sole later on. The upper section under the foot of the shoe last on the assembly sole gets a dollop of special glue that is carefully spread out by hand. 

Preparing the lower section

The upper section is warmed in an oven while waiting for the arrival of the outer sole. The soles are also delicately treated, the innermost part is carefully skived by a machine, cleaned and greased with an adhesive and heated in the oven to activate the glue. All ready to receive the upper section.  


A craftsman fixes the shoe last to a pin, pushes on the sole with precision making sure it’s in the right position. The boot is released from the pin and the parts are taken to a machine where the sections will be joined. This machine applies pressure to the upper and lower sections, joining them together.  


Now the two halves are joined, any fabric dust, residual glue or other imperfections are cleaned from the boot. The removable insoles are put in the boots and they are ready to be checked to see if they are eligible to wear the ZOO Adventure label.  

Final inspection

After meticulous checks to ensure the manufacturing process has provided the desired result, the boots can be packaged. The boxes are prepared for transport.  

ZOO Adventure boots are thus largely made by hand and each pair is therefore unique.