Photo Contest Conditions

Conditions for participants in Photo Contests
based on the terms of the Photographers Federation.

1. General conditions for participation

  • Submission of photos for this competition automatically implies acceptance of these contest conditions.
  • All submissions must be in a digital format
  • The participant is the creator of the photo. If the photograph submitted by any manner whatsoever infringe copyrights , portrait rights or other rights of third parties , then the participant is solely responsible.
  • The photo may not have been previously submitted to another contest.
  • If the picture is recognizable person, then the participant shall ensure that the person has given permission for submission and further use of the photo.
  • By entering the competition, no claim can be made on the Contest Organisation. (financial or otherwise ) , except as otherwise specified.
  • The (electronic) application form must be filled out completely and truthfully.
  • The organization has the right to refuse submissions that do not meet the contest requirements at its sole discretion. The organization may, but is not required to substantiate a refusal.
  • Entries may, among other things, be refused if:
    a. A picture, at the discretion of the competition organizers, is in conflict with the law, could cause offence, be discriminatory or offensive to others or affects the privacy of third parties disproportionately
    b. The images submitted contains clear elements of commercial advertising.
  • Persons involved in the contest organization and / or the jury are excluded from participation.
  • Conflicts are assessed according to English law.

2. Entries

  • Entries can be provided using the upload form in the ZOO Adventure gallery or by mail to the address
  • Photos submited after the closing will ot be judged.
  • Photos must be submitted in the following format : *JPG. The size of the photo should be between 2000 pixels on the widest side. The file size of the picture should be no more than 3MB. Photos that do not meet these specifications may be automatically disqualified.
  • Entries must bear the name, email address and telephone number of the participant. If the sender is not the photographer, then the name of the author must be explicitly stated. The photographer then applies as a participant, not the sender.

3. Special conditions for participation

  • Each participant may submit up to two photos.
  • The photos may be in colour or in black and white.
  • The participant must be over 18 years of age.
  • The participant must be a resident of the United Kingdom.

4. Judging and prize

  • The jury is composed of at least three persons. The jury is part of the contest organizers.
  • Judging of the entries are made on the basis of the following criteria;
    a. photographic quality;
    b. originality and creativity;
    c. following the contest theme
  • The jury may, but are not required to express their opinions to any third party, whether it relates to the competition organizers or participants.
  • The jury notes the data supplied by the participant; however judging solely by evaluation of the submitted photos.
  • Every contest has one winner. The winners will be contacted personally and the name of the winner will be posted on the ZOO Adventure Blog and also on social media.
  • The organisation may ask the winners to provide the details about the winning photo, their work and method.
  • Once the winners have been publicly announced, a winner cannot withdraw or undo his/her participation in the contest.
  • The prizes and the manner of their delivery will be communicated to the contest winner.
  • The winners give their consent to the publication of the winning photos in all digital forms on a perpetual worldwide basis.
  • There will be no correspondence about the outcome of the contest and the verdict of the jury.

5. Copyright and use

  • Participants are considered in all cases as creators of the images. If the photographer is participating in the contest in the exercise of his/her employment, the employer of the photographer is considered as creator/participant unless the employer states in writing that this is not the case.
  • The copyright of the images submitted reside in all cases with the participants. Participating in the contest shall in no case transfer these rights.
  • The participant warrants that he/she is the copyright owner of his/her submitted photo and there is no prior licensing restriction on its use. In case of liability (alleged) infringement of third party rights with respect to the photo - whether copyright or other rights - the participant shall indemnify the contest organization against such liability.
  • The participant has in all cases the right of attribution when using any media on every publication of the photo, as long as the medium allows this. If there is participation in the exercise of employment, it may be stipulated that the names of both the employer and the photographer (employee) are listed. When mentioning the name in printed or electronic media as much as possible the copyright symbol © will be used.
  • The contest organisers have the right to use pictures - even if these are not winning photos - publishing in the context of a contest report, or for the promotion of the contest for a period of one year after the game result. Participants can therefore not require further compensation or other conditions. For print media (books, magazines, brochures etc) referred, it should be published within a period of one year.
  • Before each use, other than in the context of the contest itself (as described above), the contest organization, others involved or other third parties have to ask the consent of the participant.
  • The contest organisers, the jury or any third party warrant in no way to edit, combine, manipulate or modify photo's without the express prior consent of the participant other than to resize for use.

6. Other provisions

  • The organisation will make best efforts not to change the contest conditions during the period in which the contest is held, unless it is obliged to do so by law.
  • Conflicts will be resolved as much as possible out of court. Both the contest organizers and participants endeavor to do so. Legal disputes are assessed according to English law.