Photo of the month

  • Share your love for the outdoors with the Zoo Adventure community. Capture your most prized outdoor moment in an image.
  • Transport us into the woods or into your warm home to enjoy a treasured moment with you or your pet.
  • Be spontaneous, be creative, the photo which really captures that moment, has a chance to win a prize!
  • Submitting at the end of each month, or on the 7th of the month on our blog.
  • Upload your photos to our gallery or send your photo to (quoting Photo of the month in the subject line).

Share your Adventure

  • Created especially for the outdoor enthusiast, we offer the opportunity to tell your story in photographs.
  • SSend us your special photographs, or show us fun activities or just “helping out” with ZOO Adventure boots.
  • Let your image speak to the Zoo Adventure community, the story that touches us most can win a pair of ZOO Adventure boots.
  • Prizes are awarded quarterly.
  • Upload your photos to our gallery or send your photo to (quoting Share your Adventure in the subject line).

Event Promotions

  • During dog shows, horse and other outdoor events there are "Event Promotions". We invite everyone from the ZOO Adventure community to come and visit us, try on new products, and have a chance to win prizes.
  • Share your photographs of from the events, Upload your photos to our gallery or send your photo to (quoting Events in the subject line).

ZOO Adventure community photo gallery

  • Do you have a unique photo that you can send when you are wearing ZOO Adventure boots? Send your photo to (quoting “photo gallery” in the subject line), and you will join celebrities like Claire Balding in the ZOO Adventure community photo gallery!
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