ZOO Adventure loves nature!

In Harmony with nature

Have you ever been to a rubber plantation? The resin seeping from the barks is as smooth as honey but the smell brings you back to reality: it’s not sweet! A wonderful natural product, but difficult to imagine that this substance is also used in our outsoles. But if you walk between the cacao trees, the pods seem a world away from the delicious chocolate on your supermarket shelf, it takes a bit of imagination to turn this strange-looking bean into a delicious bar of chocolate. Unprocessed products straight from the heart of nature, a perfect base for the ZOO Adventure collection.

The materials used for the shoeboxes, packing paper and plastic bags are all environmentally degradable.

Sturdy and robust

Zoo Adventure uppers are made from the finest leathers selected for their longwearing ability and treated to last by experts in southern Europe. At our request, the tannery treats our skins with an extra process. The ZOO Adventure tannery impregnates our skins with water- and stain-repellent gas so they are ready to brave the worst that the outdoor world and throw at them.

Acquastop membrane, waterproof and breathable

The nubuck leather skins with their authentic look and feel bring you a step closer to the early morning dew. Even if you slip into a ditch, wearing ZOO Adventure, it will not ruin your day. The patented Acquastop membrane ensures that your feet are well-equipped to remain dry and can breathe. The membrane sits between the lining and the upper leather.

Homely comfort 

ZOO Adventure has chosen the materials with care, only those suitable for outdoor activities like long walks in all kinds of weather. Zoo Adventure boots, for true outdoor lovers and the recreationalists among us. Feel as if you are stepping into a warm bed, your own footbed, enabling you to feel even more at home with ZOO Adventure. The general experience of our customers is that they start wearing them for the daily dog walks, but it doesn’t take long before they are worn into town and, in the winter months to work. With style and elegance, ZOO Avendture boots perfectly suits a work outfit. Comfort, quality and reliability, ZOO Adventure.  

A boot for every season

April showers, summer rain, and the mud between the showers, ZOO Adventure is ready to take them on. Wear them without a second thought as they are easy to pull on and off, we also have ankle boots when it’s hot and wet. ZOO Adventure also protects you in the winter months when cold, strong winds and layers of snow lie in wait for you. Your feet will remain warm and dry, they can make your outdoor life so much more pleasurable and practical. And they contribute to an intense feel-good factor on your return, the moment when, with runny nose, you snuggle up in front of the open fire rather than having to jump in a warm shower to defrost.

This is not your average boot

Zoo Adventure has consciously chosen to use elements with all the ingredients of quality, functionality, comfort, durability, an appealing look and feel and convenience. ZOO Adventure boots have been tested for their water-repellency at the Portuguese CTCP Centro Technologico do Calcado institute and meet the highest requirements. ZOO Adventure is continually working on maintaining and improving quality. 

What are you waiting for?

ZOO Adventure is here! Outdoor boots that are not only leather they are also waterproof and comfortable and stylistically appealing. No compromises. ZOO Adventure means no wet feet, no cold feet, no sore feet, and all with comfort and style. 

Functional outdoor boots made with nature in mind.

Choose your Zoo Adventure boots today and begin your journey!