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Prevent damage to your boots by following ZOO Adventure's care advice

ZOO Adventure boots are durable and easy to maintain. The leather used is 100% natural and needs care just like your own skin.


  • Preferably rinse the leather with clean warm water using a soft cloth or sponge. (Do not use a pressure washer, just plain water.)
  • Stains that are less easy to clean, you can clean with ZOO Adventure Cleaner.

    ZOO Adventure Cleaner For use on nubuck, greased nubuck and nylon Teflon parts of our outdoor boots. Spray the foam on the stain. Gently rub the foam into and around the stain with a dry clean sponge. Let it soak in for half an hour. Briefly rinse under running water and allow to dry naturally. To avoid circles and color differences, it is advisable to treat a somewhat larger area than the stain.  View and order
  • Light grease stains can be cleaned with warm water and little soap, preferably baby soap, rinse using a soft cloth or sponge.


  • Drying is important but the boots needs to be dried thoroughly and naturally, not by a radiator or other heat source. The natural oils of the skin dry-out with this kind of heat, so the leather could tear, break and lose its suppleness.
  • Letting the boots dry at room temperature is best.
  • Compared to average leather, our leather dries faster because it is impregnated with a water and dirt-repellent treatment.
  • Your boots also need to be aired well on the inside.

Nourishing (maintaining) the Performance leather

  • Much like your own skin, impregnated Performance leather needs nourishment to keep it supple, to keep the colour fresh and to maintain the QuickDry function. We have a range of ZOO Adventure Hydra Creams to hydrate the various types of leather used in ZOO Adventure boots. Do not apply any oils or greases to our boots, this can block the pores of the leather and prevent the QuickDry function and the Acquastop membrane performing as they should, and leading ultimately to a loss of the membrane's waterproof qualities.
  • The boots are ready to use from new, you do not have to pre-treat ZOO Adventure boots.
  • After several weeks of heavy use it is best to apply ZOO Adventure Hydra Cream especially in the foot area. This to nourish the leather keeping it supple and ensuring the boots maintain their waterproof function. The pores of the skin will not be blocked by our Hydra Cream.
  • The appearance of the leather. Leather can dry out and harden and the boots can lose their suppleness and their appearance can suffer if they are not looked after properly. If the leather is correctly treated the water will penetrate less easily and less deeply into the pores than when it is dry. Leather requires treatment to prevent drying out and to refresh the colour.

  • Choose the right Hydra Cream for the right material.

    ZOO Adventure Hydra Cream Intense - for Nubuck leather  Apply the ZOO Adventure Hydra Cream Intense on the boots, particulary at the base. Apply the cream evenly, gently smooth with the included brush without pressing and let the boots dry naturally. Do not polish following the application of the cream. The frequency of feeding the skin with the Hydra Cream Intense depends on the intensity of use. View and order

    ZOO Adventure Hydra Cream 4Greasy Skin - for Greased Nubuck leather  Apply the ZOO Adventure Hydra Cream 4Greasy Skin with an applicator sponge, rubbing in thinly and evenly. Do not brush or polish. Let the boots dry in a natural way for 15 minutes. The frequency of feeding the skin depends on the intensity of use. View and order
  • Do not apply polish, the nubuck leather does not respond to this. The nubuck leather has larger pores than smooth leather and absorbs the polish too much. When it penetrates into the skin it loses its radiance and the colour could change. After prolonged use of polish, it can penetrate the leather and affect the Acquastop membrane which will no longer breath and will not be waterproof. So do not use polish!

Protect the Performance leather

  • Protect the top layer of the nubuck Performance leather, greased nubuck, and Teflon nylon material. Why is this necessary? Originally the Performance leather has had a treatment which ensures that the leather is dirt-repellent and water-repellent. However this top layer is, depending on the intensity of use, subjected to wear. In order to protect the functions (water-repellent and dirt-repellent) longer, regular treatment with ZOO Adventure Endurance Protect is recommended. This has nothing to do with the water resistance of the product, the Acquastop membrane between the upper material and lining material ensures this!

    ZOO Adventure Protect Endurance - for Nubuck, Greased Nubuck and Teflon nylon  Apply the ZOO Adventure Endurance Protect to the boots by the spraying at a distance of about 20 cm. Leave the sprayed boots to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area. The frequency of protecting the top layer of the material depends on the intensity of use. View and order

    ZOO Adventure Protect Endurance 4Greasy Skin - for Greased Nubuck Apply the ZOO Adventure Endurance Protect 4GreasySkin to the boots by the spraying at a distance of about 20 cm. Leave the sprayed boots to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area. The frequency of protecting the top layer of the material depends on the intensity of use. View and order

Retain shape

  • Using tall boot trees will preserve the shape of the boots.
  • Boot trees also ensure that the lining will have the opportunity to breathe properly.

    Boot Tree Silhouette Suitable for ladies boots Adora, Alieke, Alette, Lotte, Babette.
    Suitable for men's boot Vince.
    View and order
    Boot Tree Habitus  Suitable for ladies boots Adisa, Aranka, Beaudine.
    Suitable for men's boot Maxx.
    View and order

Putting boots on and taking them off

  • The ZOO Adventure bootjack can help with putting on and taking off your boots, but if you need to do this unassisted, avoid pressing on the heel of one boot with the sole of the other as this will cause unnecessary damage to the exterior of the boot. The inside of the boot may also be damaged, affected comfort. In the worst case the heel stiffener may break, splitting the lining at that point and possibly damaging the Acquastop membrane so that it loses its water-resistant properties.
  • Carefully taking your boots on and off will keep the boots in shape, especially the shape of the heel.
  • If you would like an aid to removing your boots in the correct way then why not try one of our bootjacks available in accessories.

    Bootjack Jack
    Wooden bootjack. View and order

Purchasing the correct size

  • The inner lining at the toe of the boot can wear due to scratching from toenails. If a small hole eventually appears this can affect the Acquastop membrane. You can help avoid this by taking good advice about the sizing of your boots. The anatomy of the foot and nail care can have a major influence on this type of wear. Repairs are not possible. This type of damage is not covered by the guarantee as it is deemed to be wear.
  • The internal heel stiffener can also fail due to wear, resulting in a leak. This problem too can be avoided by taking good advice about the sizing of your boots. The anatomy of the foot has a major influence on this type of wear so optimal fit is crucial. ZOO Adventure can offer optimal size adjustment with the use of a removable insole. A thicker insole lifts the foot and reduces the internal volume, resulting in less play at the heel and less sliding back and forth. Wear to the heel stiffener is not covered by the guarantee. Repair is possible in some cases.


  • It is important that your boots are fitted with the correct insoles. If the boots fit you but you want to try a different insole, the existing insole must always be removed first. A thinner insole provides a roomier fit and a thicker insole makes the fit tighter. Use the appropriate thickness of insole to obtain the optimal size for your comfort and to prevent wear to the inside of the heel.

Rubber outsole

  • Rubber is a natural product with pure qualities. ZOO Adventure uses natural rubber and sometimes a whitish residue may form. This is mainly due to temperature change and can easily be removed with a wet cloth.
  • There are rubber cleaners that can stop this residue appearing, but be aware that the upper leather and its properties could be damaged. We would recommend that this type of product is not used.
  • We use G+ and H lasts at ZOO Adventure, but if the anatomy of your foot combined with intensive use results in the outer sole parting from the side walls at the flexing point, the Acquastop membrane should in principle not be affected and should continue to function. In other words the boots should remain watertight. This situation is covered by the 1 year post-purchase guarantee. The soles can be repaired, but the guarantee will lapse if you attempt to make repairs yourself.
  • Excessive wear to the soles can result from extreme use and the failure to alternate your footwear. The soles can be replaced in these circumstances, but this is not covered by the guarantee.

Defective straps, buckles and zips

  • The stitching to straps may fail on occasion. This is covered by the guarantee and can be repaired. If the straps have been damaged by excessively hard usage they can be repaired but this is not covered by the guarantee.
  • Wear to zips, buckles, leather and stitching on the inside leg of the boots caused by the legs rubbing together when walking is not covered by the guarantee. This is the result of the individual wearer's gait.

We provide a year's guarantee covering material and manufacturing faults in materials and manufacture ZOO Adventure boots from the date of purchase. Note: wear and damage to ZOO Adventure boots are not covered under the terms of the ZOO Adventure guarantee. You can avoid unnecessary damage by maintaining your boots in accordance with our recommendations. You can always contact us with any problem, even outside the guarantee period.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team. Email:

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