Since 1977

The ZOO Adventure, how a journey turned into an adventure 

  • The scent of Italy

    ZOO Classics started out on the design table in the winding streets of Italy absorbing the influences of the good life, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere to create great products. In the 70s, Italy was a country with a passion for shoes and bags to which they consistently brought a high-quality look, feel and class. The ZOO brand was born in order to provide innovative street wear sealed with an Italian touch. A vision filled with Italian passion, as only they can, provided the foundation. Zoo was established from the start on the principals of comfort and style. .

  • Italy comes to Holland

    The Zoo vision, born on Italian soil moved to the lowlands of the Netherlands in the 80s. The style of ZOO was well received by the more sober inhabitants of that country. Rich canvas sneakers with colourful prints became the staple of many a happy childhood.

  • Adult Suzy moccasin

    Europe success followed: as the 90’s saw increased prosperity and appreciation for style, so the ZOO brand followed in those footsteps. In 1995 casual leather shoes were added in addition to the successful canvas styles. ZOO stole many a female heart in 1999 with the lovely Suzy. A hand-made, leather moccasin that was tough enough to survive the NY marathon. Wonderfully soft and flexible to wear and made in all conceivable colours, materials and prints. Suzy moccasins were a staple extension to many a wardrobe. Suzy was loved in all ages and walks of life, due to its comfortable fit, colourful appeal and pure simplicity. ZOO had grown up, from its canvas childhood beginnings into a high-quality casual women’s shoe.

  • Comfort, casual & colour

    All the while, the core ZOO principles remained unchanged. Casual comfort, style and colour. Production to the highest quality was ensured by using a well-respected factory used by some of the leading high fashion brands (like LV).

How ZOO Adventure arose

  • Changes

    2008 dawned and consumers were gradually spending less, including on clothes and shoes. What was particularly striking was the clear desire for standards of traditional workmanship, comfort coupled with an increasing concern for nature. Living in a state of close harmony with nature, whilst benefiting from accelerating technology, opened a new chapter for ZOO.

    It was time for ZOO to go on an adventure! Functionality, comfort and style, with a touch of decadence, ZOO Adventure was born. Up until then, it was unthinkable in the business of outdoor boots that stock could be moved in the summer alongside warm clothing, but because of Zoo Adventure’s commitment to comfort and style (helped by the wet weather that sadly is a factor of the European summer) it happened! Zoo Adventure broke the once a year cycle of outdoor footwear purchases, the winter and summer collections were joined by many interim collections.

  • A newcomer in the team

    Meet Bram. Joining the team and requiring frequent walks in all weather, it suddenly didn’t seem that appealing to walk in the dirt with every-day shoes. A change of perspective was required, a professional eye was thrown over existing dog-walking boots but no suitable choices were found on the market. That inspired the designers, so a new adventure awaited ZOO, thank-you Bram! ;

    • Freshman

      Entering a different world where time is short and life carries on 24/7 can be very satisfying. By meeting other dog owners when exercising our own little dog it soon became apparent there were souls yearning for functional footwear and convenience. But they also wanted sustainable products that respected the nature that they enjoyed when they were outside. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and alongside the ZOO collection, a special project was developed, shaped by the adventure Bram took us on.

    • A new passion

      Bram joined the team in the winter months and put us firmly in the freezing cold in the open air of the dog school. Despite the wind-proof packaging, we c felt it would be nice to keep our feet at a comfortable temperature. This was the baptism of fire of our new boot design journey. From dog school, walking the dog 4 x a day, rambling in the woods, to wiping off the remains sticking to the daily footwear, we were confronting practical inconvenience.

    • Made with love

      If there were only boots that are not only functional, easy to pull on and off, walk comfortably and, preferably, don’t look too bad with any outfit. That demanded a timeless product, and the incorporation of a bit of fun: comfort, style and colour, the foundations of ZOO. The opportunity to create a beautiful product was so obvious that the bold step was taken. The years of experience was obviously very handy, all the know-how and all love of our footwear career was put into this project. Naturally, additional consideration was given to the functional aspects and only the best and most experienced manufacturers were selected to achieve this. The result was a product created as intended: boots to take a carefree and enjoyable walk with Bram in any weather.

    • Thank you for your enthusiasm

      It is great to see our experiences are shared by many outdoor lovers and that is a success in itself. We revel in the fact the enthusiasm is shared worldwide. The waterproof leather ZOO Adventure boots are worn all over Europe and beyond: Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium!