Adora womens greased leather waterproof boot brown coffee

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  • Acquastop membrane 100% waterproof and breathable.
  • Impregnated GREASED nubuck, water and dirt repellent.
  • Insoles delivered in two thicknesses. Use your own ergonomic insoles.
  • Flexible heeled natural rubber outsoles.
  • Model Adora: Slim fit shaft.

Shoe care

  • The boots are ready to use, do not spray!
  • Clean simply with running water, rinse with
    a soft wet cloth.
  • If heavily soiled use ZOO Adventure Cleaner.
  • Beautiful and smooth for the long term, feed
    the skin with ZOO Adventure Hydra cream.
  • Do not use any grease or oil based products
    on the boot, it will obstruct the breathability.

The ZOO Adventure Cleaner, ZOO Adventure Hydra cream,
boots tensioners for shafts and bootjacks are available
in the shop. learn more about Shoe care

Delivery & returns

  • Delivery
    Free delivery 2-3 days.
    No delivery costs for Shoe care products,
    accessories and insoles when ordering them
    together with your boots.
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  • Returns & exchanges
    Simply inform us about your return, fill in the return form,
    pack and deliver at the nearest DPD Service Point.
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  • Approval period
    The approval period is 14 days upon receipt
    of your package.
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Size Advice

The women's sizes can be reduced by half a size by replacing the shipped insoles with the thicker removable insoles supplied. A thicker insole reduces the volume of the foot of the boot thus providing a more snug fit. Please do not stack the insoles as this may void your warranty. A thin insole provides more volume thus providing a roomier fit. Using the replaceable insoles, your personal fit can be optimized. Remember to always first remove the standard insoles from the boots before you use our thicker insoles, your own custom insoles or third party insoles.

Your foot length ZOO Adventure Your calf size Adora
8,9 35 2,5 13,2-13,9 15,7
9,2 36 3 13,5-14,3 15,7
9,5 37 4 13,8-14,6 15,7
9,8 38 5 14,1-14,9 15,7
10 39 6 14,4-15,2 15,7
10,3 40 6,5 14,7-15,5 15,7
10,6 41 7 15-15,8 15,7
10,9 42 8 15,4-16,1 15,7

First find your shoe size in the chart and also find the recommended maximum calf size per style of boot. Keep in mind that all styles are also adjustable by means of straps and ties. See if the style in your ZOO Adventure shoe size matches your measured calf size at the top point of the shaft. ZOO Adventure offers Regular, Slim fit and XL shafts, so you can find a style that you like which is a good fit.

Click here for an overview for size advice for all models.

Product Details

Product Details

Product Details Coffee brown country boot Adora, one of the most popular models. This waterproof ZOO Adventure boot is particularly loved by women with slim calves. Finally, a greased leather hiking boot offering colour and a slimfit shaft.
SKU 22329-022
Model Adora
Colour Coffee
Material impregnated greased nubuck leather
Features quick dry, water- and dirt-repellent
Interlining Acquastop membrane, 100% waterproof
Lining microfiber
Shoe last G+
Insole removable in 2 thicknesses
Outsole Sunshine, 100% rubber
Heel yes (heeled outsole)
Instep shoe last Yes
Calf height 15,7 inches
Calf width Regular fit
Particularities ability to increase and decrease shaft
Custom Stock Status No



Womens waterproof boots ZOO Adventure

Dry feet thanks to Acquastop, impregnated leather and Teflon

ZOO Adventure boots are manufactured with Acquastop.
A high-tech membrane that ensures that the leather boots
are 100% waterproof and breathable. The membrane is
between the lining and the outer material. Always dry and
pleasantly warm feed! ZOO Adventure works with impregnated
nubuck, pull up leather and Teflon nylon, making the country
the country boots also water and dirt repellent.

Removable insoles provide comfort

As we work with removable insoles there is an optimum created
fit, insoles delivered standard in two thicknesses. You can also
place your own insoles inside as well. ZOO Adventure boots
are based on a G+ shoe last and they have heeled natural rubber
outsoles, which makes the boots very comfortable and flexible.

ZOO Adventure for each calf

The availability of calf widths contributes to pleasant walking for
firm as well as slim or just regular calves. In the collection are
also various leg heights. For each calf size is there is an
appropriate ZOO Adventure model.

Dry feet, comfortable insoles and adjustable shafts for the calf
provide a comfortable fit and carefree fun during your outdoor
activities. Fitting is believing, experience our product!

Bring color to your activities with the brown coffee Adora 22329 of ZOO
Adventure, footwear that kicks off whatever nature throws at it.


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